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    After you have learned to explain the concept of a "real" network to small business prospects and clients, you can research the vendors available providing business server suites (both client/server and Web-based). The following is a directory of various technology vendors and websites for product or reseller/partner information.

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    The Bottom Line about Technology Vendors

    VARBusiness Magazine has two great online resources that may help you research technology vendor partner programs. You can access the VARBusiness Annual samsung stock rom download Report Card at In addition, the VARBusiness Partner Program Guide, listing over 340 partner programs, resides at .

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    The technology market and scenario are ever changing, keeping up with the trend mobile companies keep updating their software to get ahead in the competition. samsung mobile firmware Galaxy S3 has been well received by the technology geeks and many have appreciated it in terms of technology. Reportedly keeping up with the trend Windows 8 Phone is soon to arrive in the market. Now the question is how much will it be able to spread its influence, especially amongst the users who have already experienced the technology offered by Galaxy S3?

    -image-The success of Galaxy S3 can be defined by the number of users it acquired within a couple of months of its launch. In the first two months, this phone successfully sold out 10 million phones. This marks its achievement on terms of grabbing the interest of maximum technology geeks and giving a tough competition to Apple.

    Interestingly Apple is not the only rival that Galaxy S3 will be up against in the technology market. It will be competing against phones that are powered by Windows8. Therefore, it is not just about a brand name that Samsung is standing up against but also about the technology offered.

    The launch of Windows8 is yet to be scheduled but one thing is for sure that it is up against Samsung. Both these phones are world apart but on terms of technology both are offering their best. Let us compare and contrast as to what both these have to offer the user in terms of hardware and home screen.

    Let us now compare both these products on various criteria.

    Home Screen

    Microsoft is all geared up to provide various options to its users. For starters, it is all about to launching a Windows8 enabled Smartphone with a screen that is going to meet user expectations. The icons displayed on the screen will be from Redmond Firm. These icons will resemble a tile like looks and a user gets the advantage of reshaping these icons as per requirement. Users will have numerous size options to choose from when it comes to resizing the icons. You can also change the colors of the icon tiles.

    As compared to Galaxy S 3 these features are missing and so the users might be more interested in the product form the onset of its launch. Another thing to notice is that Samsung UI, home screen and the firmware are more like conventional in their setup but with Windows8 user will have a rich experience.


    One similarity will still be there when it comes to Android powered phones and Windows 8 phones. Both these phones are manufactured by the collaboration of multiple companies, technology companies have put together their combined efforts to bring out a best-finished product. Interestingly this is the first time ever that Microsoft is about to extend support for multi-core processors. Earlier it was only into distribution of firmware for producers. Additionally the company will also be incorporating dual and quad core (chips) for enhancing the battery power. This means that the upcoming product will be incorporated with the latest technology that will enable in better performance and battery life.

    Samsung Galaxy S3 on the other hand is a phone that has Quadcore processor. It has came up with Exynos quad-core chipset (4212 Quad) and a Cortex-A49 advanced processor that is 1.4GHz power. Additionally the Smartphone has a 400MP (Mali processor) this enhances the functionality of graphical power. This is what makes the device more competitive.

    Interestingly there are rumors going about in the technology market about the Galaxy S3 that is all set to obtain the firmware by Google. The Jelly Bean firmware is something that Samsung is banking upon for upgrading its product and keeping the users engaged. Some technology experts are of the opinion that this is one of the best Smartphone one can find. But as far as changing technology trend goes, with Windows8 phone one may find many advantages, one of them is the enhanced UI experience. In addition, the launch of this Smartphone may set a trend of Windows enabled phones.

    Sales percentage

    As far as the sales figures go, Microsoft is hopeful in fetching the majority of sales with the launch of its Windows8 enabled Smartphone. When we look at the percentage of Windows phones in the recent times it is not as impressive, in fact it has been falling at 4.4% in US in the month of March. While Android powered phone has managed to hold 50% of its sales in US. Additionally, the iOS by Apple has managed about 30% of sales. This indicates that in coming time with the launch of Windows8 the sales may again start increasing in percentage, especially when the users are lured with enhanced technology and screen display.

    In conclusion, Windows8 enabled Smartphone will be able to actually prove its worth in the technology market on its launch. Until then one can only speculate the probable outcome and depict something positive to look for. As far as Galaxy S3 is concerned, you never know when Samsung again might come up with yet another enhanced version to compete against Microsoft product.

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