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    Remote Viewing Test
    Remote viewing can be defined as the ability to perceive information, events or people from a far off location. Specifically I received training from Paul H Smith PhD , the premier teacher of CRV in the field today. Your remote-viewing perception can look at things as physical objects, or at their energy field. Learn the basic Remote Viewing protocols developed by the United States Military to turn regular ‘off the street' people into psychic spies.

    At the agreed time, the viewer should be totally relaxed and be sitting comfortably with paper and pencil or pen. There is included with the course and book a sixty-minute pink CD. This pink CD has embedded binural beat for inducing the highest optimum alpha brainwave state for remote viewing.

    A Mobius Lab remote viewing by a woman who had just completed the training program in Opening to the Infinite. Put your training into action with a direct experience Remote Viewing. In the variations section, they introduce the concept of beacons," individuals used to heighten the effectiveness of the remote viewing process.

    On the second day Targ's presentation turned to practical training in Remote Viewing and intuitive medical diagnosis — and despite his skill in presenting the history of the Remote Viewing program, the implications and insights that have come from his research really doesn't sink in until you personally see it in effect.

    Participants are expected to be totally engaged in the 3-day process and the student goes beyond the basics to learn advanced techniques and benefit from the personal experience and attention of the instructor. There is a specific science-based protocol which has to be used in remote viewing teaching method to ensure accuracy.

    In 1984 the National Academy of Sciences' National Research Council evaluated the remote viewing program for the Army Research Institute. With this level of support you can have peace of mind, knowing you're supporting the best remote viewing podcast around.


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